Expert Testimony

Two experienced, licensed professionals on staff

James Higby is the founder/ owner of Cornerstone Surveying. Cornerstone has operated continuously since 1999, under the same ownership. James (Jim), is licensed in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri as a professional surveyor. He earned an AAS degree in Surveying from the University of Arkansas Community College in Morrilton, Arkansas. He has over 23 years of experience, working with land owners, realtors, attorneys, judges and title professionals.

Through the years, he has picked up valuable experience, dealing with angry adjoiners, boundary line disputes, access issues, and so on. Many times, he was able to prevent situations from escalating to litigation. Other times, Jim has been used for expert testimony in various situations.

Allen W. Miller, II, has been with Cornerstone for over ten years. He is licensed in Arkansas as a professional surveyor. He received a B.S. degree from Arkansas Tech University in Emergency Management Administration, as well as completed courses from UACCM in surveying. Allen's experience and thoroughness, will be a benefit in any issue relating to property line/ access issues. He too is a seasoned surveyor, experienced in the litigation process. His experience and training in land surveying has been a benefit to clients in and out of the court room.

Note to property owners

Please give us a call before a situation escalates. Many times issues arise over simple misunderstandings. We can find both yours and your neighbor's deed to compare and contrast them, and let you know of any deed gaps or overlaps. Just keep in mind that the surveyor is A LOT CHEAPER than the attorney. We can help you split the difference if possible, prepare new descriptions, and point you in the right direction to having your deeds revised if necessary. Our hope is that we catch a problem soon enough to help keep "good neigbors". It truly is an awesome feeling to know you've helped people resolve potential problems in a peaceful way.

Note to attorneys:

We can help in a number of ways. Along with a survey of the real property boundaries, we can sketch property descriptions over google earth files, we can give you time lapsed aerials showing the property, we can give you pictures that are geo-located on the survey plat, and give you a current flyover with our survey drone. We can also serve as an expert witness or second opinion.