Alta/ACSM Land Title Surveys

An ALTA/ ACSM Land Title Survey is a more comprehensive type of survey with the added focus of revealing anything affecting your property or its value, such as: existing easements, rights of way or other observable evidence of hindrances to its proper use.

An ALTA Survey is carried out in conjunction with a thorough record title search provided by a reputable title company. The title search reveals recorded easements, encumbrances, liens, etc. Then, if it is plottable, we will show them on the final survey plat to show how the property is affected. A "Table A" checklist is also available for you to complete and return to the surveyor, that addresses other specific areas of concern that can also be shown on the final survey plat.

ALTA Survey Plat you can read

Not all surveying companies have the experience to produce a clear, accurate and readable ALTA survey plat. Our team is comfortable working with all the key players in the closing process. We understand that the Survey Plat will be fully vetted not only by the title company, but also by the developer and attorneys and so on. Therefore we are passionate about producing a user- friendly document to help speed the process.

We are also very flexible in its delivery. We can provide the plat electronically as a DWG or PDF and/ or overnight delivery. If you're looking for fast, professional service as well as team members that are easy to work with, then give us a call..

Construction Layout

Cornerstone's construction staking crew is very experienced and knowledgable in various types of layout. We are very skilled in utility staking, large scale site layout, road/ bridges, blue-topping and so on.

Topographic Surveys

We have been doing topo surveys for many years. Our people are very skilled at collecting the data that design professionals need to do their work. Our topo surveys have been used for flood/ drainage studies, subdivision design, new road construction, etc.

Elevation Certificates

We can complete elevation certificates and/or LOMA applications if possible for your structure and property. We have been able to help many people save money on flood insurance this way.

Mapping Projects

Our team has helped design professionals as well as city and county governments with various mapping projects. For some small towns, we have been able to fully research their recorded city limits and plot them over aerial maps. For larger towns, we have been able to perform a city-wide GIS mapping project of the city's power infrastructure.

3D Surface Models

Cornerstone has key personel that is very adept in 3D Surface models and machine control. We can help you with everything from building the model to downloading to your equipment and establishing control for calibration.

Property Boundary Survey

Cornerstone Surveying has the expertise to locate your boundary lines with confidence. We work hard to communicate with other surveyors as well as land owners to piece property line puzzles together. We can also mark property lines and paint if needed.