Property Surveys

Our experience makes the difference

Cornerstone Land Surveying is a small company of Professional Land Surveyors serving Arkansas and Missouri, not only with their training and education, but also with their 90 years of combined experience in the field.

We work very hard to locate your legal property lines with accuracy and precision. We will use the deed of record, section corner evidence, work by other surveyors, testimony from old land owners, and any other appropriate information we can dig up to establish the correct location of the original property lines.

The importance of Land Surveys

We believe that an up to date property boundary survey is a prudent first step in land ownership. The wise land owner can avoid problems altogether with the information learned from a licensed land surveyor who has had a chance to study your property in detail.

Based on the personal experience of our Land Surveyors, we have some recommendations about when to have a survey performed:


Although we run the risk of sounding biased… we recommend always having the property surveyed before you purchase the property. Insisting on having a survey before you close on the property can help with any of the following questions:

1. Am I getting the correct amount of acreage?

2. Is the house located on the land correctly?

3. Are there any platted alleys, rights of way or easements I should be concerned with?

4. Are the neighbors encroaching onto the land in any way?

5. Is the house located in a flood hazard way?

6. Are the fences in the right place?


We recommend having a survey performed in anticipation of the sale of a property. Any issues that would be found can be dealt with prior to closing and could help expedite and even save a sale.

Specific issues to look for: updated survey for banks purposes, does the property have legal access way, is the property affected by a flood hazard zone, and so on.

Property Owners

Before building a fence or structure of any kind, we advise you to at least consult with a professional land surveyor. An experienced property surveyor can alert you to things you should know, such as: possible rights of adjoining land owners, adverse possession, prescriptive easements, city zoning requirements, etc.