Construction Staking

Construction Layout Services

Cornerstone's experienced crew has the expertise for your layout projects. We have worked on many different types of projects, such as: .

  • Topographic Surveys:
    • Sanitary Sewer Rehab, Water, Streets, Highways, Storm Systems, Major Development
  • Roads/ Highways:
    • Freeway, Airport, Secondary Road, County Road, City Street, Bridge, Subdivision
  • Utilities:
    • Water & Sewer Plant, Major Water & Sewer Line, Subdivision
  • Site Plans:
    • Major Retail Store, Distribution Center, Sports Arena, Factory, Hotel

    Skills gained over the years:


    • Office:
      • Drafting
        • Engineering (Plans/Calculations)
        • Boundary Surveying (Plats/Research)
        • Topographic Surveys (Data/Line work)
      • GPS/Robotic Machine Control (Trimble/Topcon mm/Leica)
        • Surface Models (Reports/Simulation)
        • Files (Preparation/Transfer)
    • Field:
      • Machine Control (Calibration/Implementation)
      • Robotic Total Station (Leica/Topcon)
      • GPS RTK (Trimble/Topcon/Leica)
      • Conventional (Total Station/Level/8 lb. sledge hammer!)


Volume Calculations

We can measure your site and calculate volumes for your project.

3D Surface Modeling

Our construction supervisor has over 33 years of construction experience and has developed an excellent reputation in building surface models for machine control.

We can help machine control operators in every aspect from the initial control verification to building the model to downloading to equipment and then calibration.