ALTA Land Title Surveys

Purpose of an ALTA Survey

An ALTA/ ACSM Land Title Survey is a more comprehensive type of survey with the added focus of revealing anything affecting your property, its intended use and its value. Existing easements and rights of way are not always revealed by a typical property survey. When an ALTA is requested, the surveyor works with your title company and their current title research to show anything of record. Also, when ordering an ALTA survey, you can complete the Table A checklist to ensure the surveyor is addressing other specific areas of concern.

This type of survey is used in the due diligence process on properties of significant value. It is very wise to have this type of survey performed to protect your investment dollars.

An ALTA Survey is carried out in conjunction with a thorough record title search provided by a reputable title company. The title search reveals recorded easements, encumbrances, liens, etc. Then, if it is plottable, we will show them on the final survey plat to show how the property is affected.

ALTA Survey Plat you can read

Our team is comfortable working with all the key players in the process of the closing. We understand that the Survey Plat will be fully vetted by not only the title company, but by the developer and attorneys and so on. We are passionate about making the revision process easy and prompt.

Our ALTA Survey plat is very readable and easy to work with. We are also very flexible in its delivery. If you're looking for professional service and someone easy to work with, then give us a call. Also upon request, we can email you a copy of the Table A checklist and/ or an example of one of our ALTA Survey plats.