Cornerstone offers professional quality ALTA Land Title Suveys
with great rates and quick service


Cornerstone Surveying excels at topo surveys for design professionals


Cornerstone's construction surveyors have the skill and experience to be successful with your road, site and building projects

Welcome to Cornerstone Surveying

We are here to serve property owners and developers in Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas

Please be my guest and have a look around. Call us toll free at 1-844-705-9406 or Email us at if we can help in any way.

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About Us

Working hard to make your job easier!

Cornerstone is a small firm made of well-rooted family men and women that really cares about their work, their clients, their community and each other. We are passionate about working hard to make your job easier.

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The right company
makes the difference

Cornerstone Surveying is a great group of men and women that cares about the success of your project. With over 90 years of combined experience, Cornerstone has the ability to get the job done. Read more

At a glance

Property Surveys

Cornerstone has the expertise to locate your property lines with confidence

Construction Staking

We can help with all of your layout projects. Cornerstone is very proficient in road, utility and building layout.

FEMA Certifications

If you need help with Elevation Certificates, LOMA applications or general Flood Plain information, Cornerstone can help.

Topo Surveys

Cornerstone excels at topographic surveys for design professionals. We have a quick turn around time on these surveys especially for engineers and architects

3D Surface Models

Our staff is very experienced working with surface models for dirt excavation companies. We can help with everything from building the model to loading in your equipment.

Mapping Projects

Cornerstone has experience with both small and large mapping projects. We can help with small town city limit maps to city wide infrastructure GIS projects.

ALTA Land Title Surveys

ALTA Surveys are a more comprehensive type of survey that takes much greater care in dealing with and showing easements, rights of way of record and visible signs of anything else affecting the property.

Expert Testimony

The professional surveyors at Cornerstone have much experience dealing with property disputes. We can help as expert witness or with the mediation process.

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